Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October birthdays!

Can you believe its October already?!! Please feel free to add anyone I forgot!

Laura (Lu) -------Oct. 4
Gene --------------Oct. 6
Bernadette -------Oct. 8

Juliana ------------Oct. 13
Rachel -------------Oct. 18
James --------------Oct. 21
Jason (Jenny's) --Oct. 23

Happy birthday to all!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

catching up on family history

Hey everyone,
Grandma has asked me to have everyone send in an updated family history sheet. This sheet would include new children (born within the past five or six years) and new events (marriages and sealings and baptisms, etc.
I will send an email to all Grandma's children/ and children in laws.
You can send these as an email to my email which is jennywilson17@gmail.com or if you prefer to write it down and send to Grandma via a snail mail that would work as well. Grandma and I were talking genealogy and we just need to update everyone's info. Thank you! Jenny

Friday, September 5, 2008

September birthdays

Well, no one has really been posting but I thought we could at least put up everyone's birthdays once a month. If you have a bday in September and aren't on the list, please add yourself cuz I'm sure I'll forget some...here goes...
Troy (Sep 3)
Doug (Sep 5)
Cleone (Sep 5)
Grandma (Sep 6)
Tiffany (Sep 5)
Clint (Sep 13)
Michael (Sep 24)
Paul (Sep 29)
Joey (Sep 22)

Happy Birthday to all!!!